Thursday, July 19


An uneventful journey northwards. The low spot being the 05:45 start to hop the train to Southampton Airport, skipping onto Fort William via a train from Glasgow Queen Station.

Hogworts anybody? Platform 3/4 if you peer closely enough

The one bonus during the long trip - a steady intake of coffee and food to stoke up the carb intake in preparation for the busy weekend ahead.

At least the weigh-in at Southampton confirmed my pack weight of 11.25kg. Those old fishing scales down the shed still doing their job.

The train trip north to Fort William was by far worth the hilight of the whole journey with astounding views as the Glasgow conurbation was left behind. Although the city itself has its attractions, despite the negative image often associated with it.

Glasgow city centre

And the number of locations along the line where the remote station allows quick access to the open hills! Phew - full of potential ideas.

Fort William itself was a disappointment reminding me of the smaller Welsh towns so reliant on the tourist trade to maintain a viable community. Newer developments merely highlighting the rundown character of the older establishments.

After hours of crossing high and remote land, following alongside seemingly for ever never ending lochs, the journey into FW was heralded by a large Argos depot, suitably HUGELY signed.

And that probably said it all as far as Fort William was concerned.

The Glen Nevis SYHA seems quite a basic hostel for such a popular spot, especially with the lack of secure luggage storage. I hope honesty is a common trait in these parts, especially in a dormitory of 18 people. But this is a first for me, the necessity to carry a passport as I wander the hills, but a pre-requisite for airport security if I want to use the plane on the way back.

The weather is tantalisingly cloudy on high, but clearing to give teasing glimpses of far off peaks to be chased tomorrow. But the weekend forecast does not bode well.

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