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One of the more welcoming spin-offs from the hectic activity behind the E-Petition is an opportunity to make contact with individuals across the outdoor communities. Especially those not directly walk/backpack related but also sharing the same deep love of the outdoors.

Natural Bushcraft
"Bushcraft is about feeling comfortable with nature's environment, learning to live within nature and gaining the knowledge & skills to do so respectfully"

Ashley site is a glorious example of the possibilities available on-line when integrating text/video for entertainment and hard fact.

And with the usual karmic effect I later tripped across the outdoor author John Merrill's site for a couple of timely reminders
Why I walk & The Art of Walking the John Merrill Way.

Meanwhile news from the NEC Outdoors Show that it will be opened this year by Bear Grylls (Possibly by jumping into Pendigo Lake to see how long he can survive?) Plus Simon Yates has just been confirmed as a speaker. There's definitely an increased number of TV celebs attending this year. A possible fallout from the sudden burst of outdoor shows on terrestrial TV channels last summer?

And finally a few updates on the E-Petition front. Last week saw a podcast interview with Chris Smith. Ex cabinet minister behind the CROW Act and President of the Ramblers Association. A timely insight into the consideration of how government approaches change.

Podzine - Lord Smith Interview

Download MP3 File

Coincidentally, John Manning a passionate advocate for not hiding this issue away, has written about his MP's response and how we can help. Reflecting on this official response the first reaction is that there's little encouragement.

But jointly there's good insights into just what is required to get the wildcamping issue taken seriously if it is to progress. The E-P's message is undoubtedly starting to make itself felt amongst the policy makers of our land.

And that's a big step forward achieved already.

No one ever claimed this would be easy. And the E-P is a first step to flush out the real issues, and gauge the true level of support.

So fittingly my last link is to the newly released E-Petition Campaign Website set up by Darren, the instigator behind the E-P. And unwitting cause behind my current lack of any free time
(I really must have a word with him when next we meet. Hmm)

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