Monday, January 28

The Daffodil Alarm Clock

Sat nodding over the keyboard last Sunday I caught a movement from the corner of my eye. A beckoning flashing of colour. Of green shoots and bell mouth yellow.

Turning my head towards the source it suddenly dawned on me that the garden daffodils are with flower here on the south coast.

So when did that happen then?

My usual arrival back home each evening is after dark. So the changes of nature around us, those sudden growth spurts at this time of year, are often only realised from weekend to weekend. And perhaps not even then if too busy. So change can be very rapid.

A sudden breeze moved the flower heads. Nodding sagely in my general direction.

And heading the gentle call of spring promise I arose from the chair. Put on my boots. And went for a very long wander amongst the newly sprouting grass starting to show through the still sodden New Forest heath and bog lands.

That keyboard will be there when I get back. But the season is far too special to ignore, even if only for an all too short while.

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Well done on getting out the door. You are right, the keyboard can wait!

I also look forward to spring and the rising sun during my early morning walks.

I have a walking blog called:

You might link to me. I linked to you and other walking blogs.


Ron Bloomquist
Fort Bragg, California
ROn - welcome aboard, and hopefully my latest post will point some more visitors to your blog
Your spring may have been premature. Our crocuses were up (on Skye) on Friday, only to be buried in snow this morning. First time we've had snow in Staffin for a couple of years.
Snow - that's the white stuff?

Its just a folk memory in these parts
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