Sunday, January 20

Sense & Springtime - Wild Garlic

At times it would be useful if smell could somehow be passed across to you as part of these jottings. Although perhaps not so pleasant when discussing New Forest bogs.

The early signs of Spring are already starting to appear around us this year, here in the south of the UK.

The green shoots of daffodils now several inches high. Catkins hanging in clusters on the more sheltered trees. The yellow of gorse flowers starting to appear widely across the New Forest.

And the smell of wild garlic which appears each year alongside the nearby Avon Valley Footpath.

To lean forward over the plant. To bruise a leaf and release the rich thick aroma. To breathe it in. To savour the smell and taste.

For me this heralds the return of the longer days and warmer weather.

Bring it on!

(Wild Garlic)

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Yes - daffodil, crocus, snowdrop coming through - very mild today here "up midlands"...
The celandines are out again in Cambridgeshire - a beautiful sight. They were early last year too!
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