Sunday, January 13

Rescue - Southern Style on Hengistbury Head

After years of wandering these southern shores I finally came across a Rescue Organisation actually in the flesh (The only other example I can recall was spotting and empty rescue car)

Thankfully only an exercise on the crumbling cliffs of Hengistbury Head, amongst the teeming hordes of Saturday postNewYearResolution walkers.

More to come on the walk write-up as promised to one reader (Hi Duncan)

But I must mention the sight of one small boy being 'forced' to go and splash/muddy his boots up in a large puddle. To add authenticity, I presume, to his mum using her digicam to take photos of his gruelling trip in the wild outdoors.

I had to stifle a grin at the spectacle (no she didn't record the muddy-up) Pity she hadn't spotted the whole route is shale track or tarmac. Authenticity - Pah!

I nearly had to put my flip flops back on at that point.


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