Friday, January 4

Grough Outdoor website news and more

I can't for the life of me remember how I tripped across Gough - "the inside view of the outdoor world", but I'm glad I did.

Its been around for some time, with the news archive going back to May 2007, although some of the route guides indicate it dates back to 2006.

But whatever the site's history its slap bang up to date with outdoor related news. For instance, a piece I heard on BBC Radio 4 Today program, trying to stir up a little controversy (very unconvincingly as it happened) over the YHA's 119 hostel application for 24 hour alcohol licence had already been carried by Gough yesterday, whilst the piece seemed to have been buried on the BBC News website.

I'm not too sure who is behind the site's content, but its very well put together and the content has been excellent whilst I've been keeping an eye on it.

Now if only the forum had some activity I think Outdoors Magic would have some very strong competition indeed.

Another one worthy of my sidebar links.

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Grough is a real find, John. Like you, I'm now exploring the back catalogue!

The YHA licence thing has been going on for a while. There was a bit of a hoo hah a couple of months ago about Saffron Walden getting a licence, and no doubt all these local paper pieces were collated to produce the "news item" for the BBC. The main objectors seemed to be traditionalists harking back to their days as hostellers in the fifties, when they were in their teens.

Times change, and the YHA too, but as for raves...I think the objectors have severely underestimated the age of the average hosteller!
I've had Grough on my RSS reader for ages, but rarely get the chance to dip in. An other one is The Goat from the USA.
Phil - they've been licencsed for years, so no change really.

Aktoman - thanks for the tip, but its the UK based content that appeals
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