Friday, January 4

2008 Weblog Awards

Looks like the nominations for the 8th annual award is underway (and no this isn't a thinly disguised pitch for votes)

I like to browse the shortlist/winners each year to get a feel for what works for the blog readers out there in the virtual global village. After all the competition is a free vote by readers rather than commercially connected recommendations with any associated vested interest.

Mostly I've been left pretty unmoved at past winners, but do sometimes appreciate how many blogs have gained their devotees.

This year the 2007 category of "Best British or Irish Weblog" has been rolled up into "Best European Weblog".

Shucks - more globalisation?

And yes - its the competition originates from the USA - now how did you guess that? Guess that means the UK is no longer the 51st State then.


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