Sunday, December 30

Blog - Diary of a YHA Trustee

I've written in the past of my guardedly optimistic recommendation of the YHA organisation, despite changes over the past few years. Its a sad fact of live that the YHA must reorganise and get much sharper at what it provides, and the way it does so, if it is to remain a viable organisation into the future.

And no doubt a few eggs will be inadvertently broken along the way.

A regular contributor to the uk.rec.youth-hostel newsgroup (mostly spam posts these days btw) reminded me of his appointment earlier in 2007.

Karl Shepherdson (29 - Oooo lapsing into proper journalism there lol) is blogging about his experiences as a YHA trustee and Vice-Chair of the Northern England Regional Council. His work is voluntary, with some financial support with travel costs. But bearing in mind Karl lives in Devon and there were twenty 2007 regional meetings at hostels spread around England & Wales you can see that it requires a solid commitment to deliver on his chosen role. And that's not including the preparation work pre meetings.

Hope Karl stands the pace - but its great to see someone prepared to get actively involved in one of the important institutions of the UK outdoor scene.


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