Friday, January 11

Bird Song on the Radio

Did you get a DAB Radio for Xmas? Or perhaps like me you are already a convert to a wider selection of listening for the over 12s.

The DAB station Oneword (a dire idea) has gone bust. But before you click that mouse - there is a more positive side.

In the pre-transmission signal tests for Classic FM there was a unique radio experience which swiftly became a highly popular listening treat.

For hours you could relax listening to broadcast birdsong. It sounded to me as if some recording equipment had been set up in the middle of woodland. Switched on. And left. The sounds of undisturbed wildlife were captured, including the vehicle eventually turning up to switch off the gear.

Birdsong. The transmission is probably only around for a limited time. But highly recommended to lull you into lazy summer days.
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