Sunday, January 27

Wildcamping E-Petition - Update

Strange how the best laid plans will be overtaken by events.

My intent this weekend was to get cracking on some tangible piece to pick up from my recent mind-dump on the Tao of Walking. And then came Darren's initiative for this.
(Ta for the graphic Aktoman)

As a result much of my current on-line activity seems to be tied up with looking at how the E-Petition is being considered by various outdoor forums and communities. And trying to make it clear there's no hidden agenda behind it all. Just a desire to get the current situation cleared up in line with the present legal position in Scotland.

There's some very valid points being made both those in favour, and those not so supportive which is the way of these things. Meanwhile the petition continues to grow (Sun noon - Total = 140 signatures)

One key outcome, whether this does eventually come to anything in the end, is a public debate on the subject by those who care and know what they are talking about. And that is proper Democracy at work (makes a nice change!)

At some suitable point I may put together a summary piece on the arguments for the pros and cons, once the current debate starts to tail off.

Righty ho - out for a long walk in this deliciously unseasonal sunshine before more forum watching.

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John, I suggest writing to our MPs in support of this petition. I've put a draft letter on my blog.
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