Sunday, February 3

Wildcamping on Dartmoor & National Park Policy

There's one main lesson arising from the various debates around the Wildcamping E-Petition (310 signatures and steadily rising) Whilst many wildcampers may have a oodles of experience about the How-To-Do-It, there's a fair bit many of us have to learn about the Where-When-Whether.

During the week I made a throw away comment on a couple of forums and was surprised at the number of people that were unaware that Dartmoor National Park positively encourages wildcamping as official policy. They even advertise that policy.

So I may as well repeat such advertsiing on here as the wilder parts of Dartmoor are more than big enough to swallow up any huge (and temporary) rush of wildcamping sorties; And when I say swallow up that can be quite literally sometimes.

The Dartmoor National Park Authority website gives a full breakdown of what you can and can't do including a Code of Conduct.

As a final thought - I've quickly searched most of the individual National Park websites, and Dartmoor is unique in its approach.

If all the National Parks throughout England & Wales already had this type of approach in place perhaps that E-Petition wouldn't be quite as necessary. Maybe?

Hardly asking for the moon here surely?

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