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A new approach for me.......Rather than post these bits 'n bobs individually here's a summary, cunningly named Walkabout's aRoundabout. Its an attempt to provide a quick browse for some pre-weekend entertainment, ideas & news. So at least if its rubbish, you'll only have to suffer it once a week in future. And quickly.

If the format works for you, or not please let me know.

Radio waves
I caught the last few minutes of a radio program earlier in the week and recognised that voice.

BBC 4's Great Lives had Joe Simpson (Author/Filmstar: Touching the Void et al), talking up one of his heroes, pioneering Austrian mountaineer Hermann Buhl. Or as Matthew Parris (presenter & journalist) describes the experience:

' yomping along the top of Froggatt Edge (Peak District) Joe's chosen great life was that of Hermann Buhl, the famously super-daring, self-reliant Austrian climber who died in a climbing fall at the age of 32; and as both Joe and my other guest climbing-writer, Ed Douglas, live in Sheffield we decided to record the programme not in a London studio, but outdoors ....... The driving rain was almost sleet, the wind was fierce and the ground sodden. I wanted to impress.........'

Don't cut that rope Joe. Please!
(Was it the Bee Gee's who had a hit with the tune 'Tragedy'? - oops no idea where that thought slipped in - lol)

Available on Podcast here to listen to it in full.

New sites to check out?
The Out of Towner ...........
Section Hiker - Philip is an avid US based hiker & backpacker.

I don't usually recommend US based sites. Not xenophobia honestly! I just find much of the climatic/ground/travel differences distracting at times as I keep mentally casting aside excellent advice but irrelevant from the UK backpacker's perspective walking in the UK. But Phil's got a lot to say on the subject in general. Worth a looksee.

Walking Fort Bragg - Ron is another US based blogger 'In my sixties, going on 12 but learning all the time!'
I've not had a lot of time to check this over, but I'm happy to publicise Ron's work especially for my American visitors.

Meanwhile nearer home ...........
Outdoors4u - Billy's new to the scene but digging in hard.
Early days - one to watch hopefully. Harrumph - these youngsters these days ..... mumble mumble....)

Beating The Bounds - A Blog about 'walking, thinking about walking, reading about walking…….and maybe other stuff'.
That would be mostly about Walking then I guess. And interesting to boot (Hee hee)

TheGreenOutdoors - Oliver is based around the Derby area, and his Blog's remit is 'Cultivating Green Design for the Great Outdoors - musings on outdoor sports apparel (and a bit on equipment too) of the sort I don't think you'll find anywhere else.....'
Lots to drool over, but better use the approved jacket cleaner afterwards. - Highlands of Scotland walks and accommodation '340 free detailed walk descriptions with GPS waypoints, maps and photos across the Highlands of Scotland'
Excellent research material here. Link to it quick - now don't you just know that you'll need it sometime soon anyway.

Outdoor News
YHA 2008/9 Investment Plans
Last weekend the YHA released details of their £13.5 million package for 2008/9. 37 building modernisation schemes, 3 new hostels (all S.E. UK - London, Eastbourne, Lewes) Schemes include Ilam (Peak District), Pen y Pass (Snowdonia), Conwy (N Wales) Ambleside & Windermere (Lake District) and Exeter (nr Dartmoor)

Browsing the full list it feels like a number of refits aimed initially at the larger hostels?

Two walkers rescued off Snowdon (28/1)
'...badly prepared and equipped........two were "lucky" to have escaped unharmed............. etc'

You've heard it so often from me before again and again. But there's more ....'...the men told rescuers that they had prepared for the trip by researching on the internet'

Obviously not come across this site in their Googling efforts then?

And finally ......
The recent and very well mannered debate around the wildcamping E-Petition has flushed John Manning back into the bloggersphere with a passionate arguement to rebut many points raised by those not in agreement with the current E-Petition initiative.

RUMBLINGS… The online diary of outdoor journalist John Manning.
Good stuff.

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