Wednesday, February 20

Wildcamp E-Petition Update

I've deliberately avoided posting regular updates on the E-Petition, the ground already being covered so admirably amongst my fellow UK Outdoor Bloggers.

But there's been a couple of developments recently that are worth flagging (buzzword alert!).

Darren has taken head-on a recurrent criticism. One that goes something along the lines of "not in my back garden you don't ...."

No apology for reproducing his summary in case this clarifies the postion for any of you out there who remain undecided on whether to support the E-Petition (vote here).

"What we have with this petition is a starting point. A chance to debate, and define what is fair access to open countryside to allow wild camping.

The petition isn’t asking to allow people to camp in lay bys, fields of crops or peoples gardens.

It’s asking for the assumption that if you follow the rules (to be defined) then the assumption is that you have permission to be there. Break those rules, then you are not wild camping, and open to prosecution"

Thanks Darren. Succinctly put.

Meanhile the E-P campaign has gone global. I recieved a mail today from Phillip Werner pointing me towards his slightly envious post from an American wildcamper's viewpoint.

This puts the current initiative into perspective. So why in the UK do we seem to regularly approach a problem from the stance “YOU shouldn’t do that because…..” rather than “How can WE make it work ……”

Food for thought for us all maybe?

And finally...
Plans for a E-P prescence at the NEC Outdoors Show are moving along in a very positive way. I also intend to take the opportunity to do some bridge building with the more established 'big guns' of the UK Outdoor Access scene. To explain the current activity, the E-P position, and to start considering what further level of interest there may be. More to come nearer the time on this.

So. Is there life beyond the E-Petition?

I've no idea. But it won't be for want of finally getting the issue out on the table (buzzword alert!) and onto the public agenda (buzzword alert!).

And thats a positive success amongst the usual trivia we so regularly get tied up with on the UK outdoors scene.

And one that depends on YOU.

(Next post - a national appeal to de-buzzword my pc - is there some sort of virus going around maybe?)


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