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Postings on here are a little haphazard at present due to a combination of work pressure, sunny days, and the background activity taking place to support the Wildcamping E-Petition. For me that's a real frustration sat here as I am amongst small piles of post-it notes and part written articles covering such diverse topics as press independence and the UK Outdoor magazine scene, the upcoming NEC Outdoors Show, and of course a few local walks that I promised weeks ago and haven't polished up as yet.

But with current deadlines associated with E-P activity fast approaching, particularly related to 'a little something' for the Outdoor Show in March, each day just doesn’t seem long enough. Well not without cybernetic surgery into a semi-permanent part of damned pc.

And that I'm not prepared to do.

It’s a somewhat perverse lesson to realise that the time spent writing about 'doing' outdoor things can only be found by actually practising them less. A balance that as the days warm up I intend to address well away from this darned keyboard.

And that smooooooooooooth link gets me straight into my first plug:

Lightweight equipment and tent show
last year's hugely successfully Backpackers Club AGM the club have announced that their 2008 event will be in Ashford-in-the-Water, near Bakewell, in the Peak District on 26th April.

For many of us the 2007 event was very tempting, but the Northumberland location meant travel time for a weekend event was tight if you lived in the south of the UK. This year's venue is more central and has me checking my diary already.

The event plans to once again include a lightweight equipment and tent show to run alongside the Club's annual spring gathering. This will be open to all & entry is free.

A great chance to see lightweight backpacking equipment in the flesh, to meet the people who really use the gear, and the faces behind the specialist companies who design and supply it.

More information on the
BPC site.

Can you just picture the scene of desolation, with all available deadwood cleared for miles around to fuel the hundred of flickering Bushbuddy cookers?

OM Awards
Meanwhile voting has opened for the
Outdoors Magic Awards with the winners to be award their bounty on the 16th of March at the Cumberland Arms Pub. Live from the NEC Outdoors Show.

Well that's if there's anything left of the area if The UK Outdoors Blogger Convention 2008 ® get a similar friendly reception along the lines of what we received last year. Only kidding folks.

I notice appears in the category for "Best Specialist Outdoors Shop" as well as "Best Online Retailer". Its particularly great to see a small independent trader feature alongside such established High Street names such as Cotswold.

Especially given the short life of Podcast Bob's venture and its exclusively web based business. One set up in the face of some commercial disinterest from certain major suppliers.
Good to see Alpkit's innovative approach also rewarded with a nomination in the "Best Online Retailer" as well.

Voting is currently open if you want to take part. (and if you recheck the last couple of paragraphs you may discover a way to vote for both companies if you so desire. Ahem)

OM also has a category for "
Best Campsite - Wherever I pitch my tent, that’s my home, but where would you rather pitch your tent?"

  • Hollins Farm, Eskdale
  • I’d rather be wild camping!
  • Fort Augustus
  • Langdale
  • Wasdale Head NT
(Not saying what I voted for so there!)

And that reminds me............

There was an outburst of podcast activity last weekend. From Podcast Bob's perspective it was heartening to see his efforts over the last couple of the years starting to pull in sponsored shows.

Last time I counted Bob had released over 100 outdoor related podcasts with over 5000,000 downloads. And most podcasts have been researched, recorded, edited and issued at his own personal expense. But all free of charge to the listener, and with a global audience. Hopefully that sponsorship will continue to roll in.

And I can confirm that content and presentation of the material remains unaffected, impartial and as entertaining as ever.

I particularly enjoyed these
Cicerone Press shows:

Press - The Book Story

Download MP3 File

Press - Navigation

Download MP3 File

Meanwhile the Outdoor Blogs keep on springing into life…..
A little bit about not a lot "A bit like a Great British jumble sale - it doesn't raise any money, is usually full of old tat nobody wants and very few people turn up"

Early days, but excellent for looking at wildcamping from the viewpoint of someone new to the scene and (thanks for the tip off Darren)

And finally ...........
The UK Outdoors Blogger Convention 2008 ®

The venue has been selected for this year's gathering of the clans. The agenda is already chock full, as you'd naturally expect, with the Wildcamping E-Petition, and arranging the various (highly illegal?) wildcamp meets for 2008.

At this rate we may need our own hall next year for the hordes of adoring groupies.

Oh hang on - that was Fantasy. This is Reality.

Must be the cold weather affecting my mind.

OK, thats it for the present - I'm away to feed the
E-P mojo (562 votes and rising)

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