Tuesday, June 23

One Voice - Public Meeeting

I've not mentioned the activities of One Voice for a little while. But as you'd expect OV continues to agitate for public & open consultation concerning the New Forest National Park Authority's plans.

I've just been dropped an e-mail about their next step - an open public meeting in support of a Petition for fuller public consultation.

Location, naturally, is in the New Forest at Tiptoe on Monday June 29th with speakers from the majority of the key grass root groups & the local New Forest MP..

Full details can be downloaded here

Its a very positive move bringing, as it does, the diverse interest groups together under one roof, to present a formidable united and very visible presence.

On this occasion I'm not likely to make the meeting, but if there's anyone out there who wants to let me have their thoughts after the event, I'll be happy to post an update of the general mood & further activity.

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Hi John

Any chance of a brief summary of the issues at stake? From the point of view of someone from a county far far away, I can see that there is lack of consultation about plans... but can't easily get a sense of what the bones of contention are. Could you point me towards something?


- Roy
Roy- Its been a lengthening story. You might want to browse this for my take on events as they unfolded

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