Saturday, May 30

Links update

The good weather is far too valuable to waste sat indoors hunched crablike over a keyboard.

Courtesy of the increasingly flexible ASUS Netbook (the best piece of technology I've met for many a year) I'm sat in the sunlight, perched on an airbed, whilst dipping into my on-line responsibilities. A quick opportunity to update this site's link list adding the useful Where's The Path mapping site. Another simple idea applied startling well.

Blimey this post is sounding far too effusive. An unexpected surge of sunlight directly onto the pineal gland?

Better quit before my reputation lies in tatters.


Hi John,

Welcome to the wonderful world of netbooks. It's probably the best bit of computer kit I've bought. As you've already found its great for posting whilst sat in the garden and I've heard that people are taking them up mountains too! Mine weighs in at 1020g so won't be packing mine!
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