Monday, May 18

Lake District Wildcamping Trip - Journey's end. Nearly.

Dateline: Ambleside YHA...

Well another wildamping escapade draws to a close. Not so much beaten by the inclement weather; More of a mutually agreed draw. But it's been a close run thing at times.

Sat here on the hostel's steam-driven Internet connection (at a cost which appears I am paying for best anthracite coal to keep it lurching along) the train times for the journey back south are appearing as if by magic, making the rail trip on Tuesday a rather drawn out affair.

A chance then to reflect on 3 night's wildcamping in some of the worst weather I've encountered for many years.

Hang on. The boiler stoker is signalling to me that he needs a tea-break.

JH signing off for for the present.

Trip notes on their way.

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Hi John,

Sorry to hear about the weather. I cancelled a last minute trip to Grasmere on Friday evening on account of the appalling forecast!

Looking forward to the notes on your return - with pics please!
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