Saturday, May 9

TGO Challenge & Ten Tors - They're Off!

So, the TGO Challenge has finally kicked off, with many names known to this site well on their way.

Probably with some relief that all the weeks of planning and fitness preparation are now over and the real journey underway.

After all that's what the Challenge is really about. A journey. Across Scotland.

Each individual taking personal responsibility for their actions on-route, and getting much closer to the Real Outdoor World for a comparatively long time span.

An experience that many urban dwellers probably don't understand. Or even see the need for.

There are already various reports filtering back, courtesy of good telecommunication links (well for the present) Most of them will talk of places on the way, incidents & meetings of like minded individuals.

So its easy to forget that the TGO is a sustained act of will and a real physical challenge, often in difficult conditions.

Let's hope the Health & Safety Executive don't turn their attention to our Outdoor Escapades.

Risky it may be, but boy is it fun.

And for some of us it offers a rare but essential escape from that world around us that so many consider "normal" these days.

Whilst we're on the topic, let's not forget the younger generation, learning their own way of self sufficiency this weekend on the Ten Tors Expedition on Dartmoor.

Best of luck to all involved in these events. And to those of you who prefer to set your own Challenge. Whatever that may mean for you personally.


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