Wednesday, June 10

New Forest National Park - Trouble in the woods?

Since my last piece back in January various rustles have continued deep down amongst the New Forest undergrowth. However in truth there had been little real progress to report, hence my silence. Until now.

The New Forest National Park Authority are still in situ; Still attempting to do things their own sweet way.

But recent news indicates that all may not be happy behind the doors of the NFNPA organisation.

First the announcement of the departure of Richard Lemon, NFNPA Director of Planning, & Strategy.
(He joined in Nov '08)

Last week came the shrill sound of whistle blowing NFNPA staff - and their issues with NFNPA's Chief Executive Lindsay Cornish. A noise which has even (finally!) reached the ears of the the local newspaper.
(The letter can be read here, along with FUG's response)

All of this on top of the May announcement extending the timescale for approval of the National Park Plan "to the end of October (09) to allow adequate time for the draft to be revised in the light of the many comments received" (ref)

I leave you to form your own opinion.

But try not to giggle too loudly.

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