Saturday, June 6

Gear List - We Can Remember It For You Wholesale

Every other bugger seems to have one. Even, it seems sometimes, those who don't go out packing too often.

So time to add my small dollop onto the steaming pile of What To Take.

Here's my gear list. Very much a work in progress where item weight is concerned.

Particularly as the Grand Total already matches the carry weight of my bag as I left on my last trip. And that's despite several item weights not on the list as yet.

But as a check list to remind me of the things to pack, its something I've been continually adjusting for a number of years.

On my return from a trip, it becomes a simple check of unused items, and a challenge as to their inclusion on the next trip out.

But mainly it serves as an easy reminder of things essential; And things not so necessary.

All part of my own individual approach at the present moment.

Do you have your own approach to kit packing in place?

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Good man John. It is the in thing to have these days. How we managed before I don't know? But they do help. I always decide on the final list, print it, pack and end up putting more in the pack. Last trip I used every thing I took bar some food. So the list thing is working as I review what I need to take. Happy planning.
Hi John. I know, it seems the gear list is very fashionable of late but I agree it is very useful.

I like to be nosey at what other people take or their lightweight solutions to certain items etc...
I feel a bit left out as I can't be bothered to do one. I stand there the night before a backpack scratching my head in a state of confusion.

So maybe I will............
My approach is a little disorganised. I tend to visualise the kit I normally carry, and its usual position in the rucksack, and if I've not yet put it in I go upstairs and try to find it. It normally works, but there have been a few 'incidents', including the weekend when--going straight from work--I managed to leave my trail shoes in the office and had to walk in trainers...
Have a heart John. As one of those who doesn't get out very often keeping my gear list in order has become one of my favourite passtimes;-)

On a practical note, appart from compensating for my ailing memory, I'm sure keeping my list in order keeps my gear habbit in check. The list makes me focus my purchases on the things I realy need (okay, you got me, the things I most want) and those that will have the most impact on my pack weight and versatility. If I didn't have a kit list I'm sure I'd make many more impulse buys.
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