Saturday, June 20

New Forest National Park - Circling the wagons

Hot on the heels of my piece last week comes further news concerning the beleaguered NFPA as events continue to unfold.

Or should that be unravel?

Earlier in the week a parliamentary question raised by New Forest West MP Desmond Swayne (refer "National Parks: New Forest")

Back at NPA, rebuttal of press enquiries "..because of legal issues.."
(New Milton Advertiser 20/6/09 quoting NPA deputy chairman Barry Rickman)

Then threat of libel action comes in a statement from NFNPA Chief Executive, Lindsay Cornish; The subject of the current fervour.

"We have taken legal advice in the light of allegations ……published on websites and in newspapers……Our legal representatives will contact those who published the allegations, seeking an unreserved apology and immediate withdrawal from publication…."

Full text is on FUG's site. Along with further updates which include the arrival of NFPA letters delivered to FUG organiser's homes earlier today.

(Thread: Statement sent on behalf of Clive Chatters...)

(Edit: A copy of NFNPA's letter can be seen here, along with their own thoughts on the matter here)

No link for the NFPA - their site doesn’t seem to carry the statement or any news on all of this, as far as I can see.

Forest Uprising's response was typically pragmatic "We're not exactly quaking in our boots…"

Quite so ladies.

Naturally I've rechecked my own jottings. Rest assured I will continue to report on the NFPA's increasingly disjointed efforts; They continue to avoid the real issues, whilst embroiling themselves in a scandal arising as a direct result of their own activities.

As for any legal activity directed in this direction?

Well I guess that means someone will need to try and find me first.

Ho hum. The joys of Internet anonymity.

[JH-Posted from laptop & mobile phone; Somewhere deep in the heart of the New Forest; With not an ice-cream van in sight]

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