Friday, June 12

Ribblehead Viaduct Railway walk

Like many Bloggers I receive infrequent e-mail with unsolicited invites for all sorts of wonderful things. Indeed some times they are even walking/camping related.

Many are quickly deleted as irrelevant/uninteresting but this I thought I'd post this one to show the sort of offer that appears; But also to illustrate how scatter gun they can be. Right topic, but sometimes so wrong in intent. If they'd ever bothered to read any of this blog's articles.

"Ribblehead Viaduct ............on the Settle – Carlisle railway line ........will be open to the public on Sunday 26 July for one day only. The walk is being made possible because Network Rail has closed
the line to trains while it carries out vital improvement work"

Hurrah. Good idea and an interesting opportunity for those inclined to the area/viaduct/railway.

"Actor Tom Lister, ........... will be walking the viaduct will ITV weather man Jon Mitchell. The Yorkshire air ambulance will also put in an appearance........and the Clapham (North Yorkshire) Cave Rescue Organisation will show how they train their dogs to rescue people.
Author WR Mitchell ......... will be signing copies of his latest book"

OK. Its all turning into a bit of an shindig now. But perhaps if I lived nearby the chance to meet/chat with W R Mitchell would be of interest.

"Tickets for the walk, which have to be booked in advance, are on sale at a cost of £15 per person for adults and children aged 14 years and over.........Tickets for the event will be time specific and will be allocated to a particular time slot for crossing the viaduct. Visitors will not be allowed access to the viaduct unsupervised"

Oh dear. That's torn it.

Fifteen quid for a quarter of a mile walk!

That's high (pun intended) whatever the occasion.

My walks are free; Not £60 a mile;

"Proceeds from the walk will be used to support the work of the Settle and Carlisle Railway Trust in maintaining and developing railway buildings along the line"

Well OK. That's an explanation. But not much better to be frank.

More details here: Network Rail's press release & Settle & Carlisle Railway Trust - Ribblehead Viaduct Walk

Somehow I think I'll give this one a miss.


Yes, I agree. It's something I'd be interested in normally, a worthwhile cause, but then I think - family of 4, 60 quid... Then I look at the website - children under 14 not allowed. So that clinches it!
The views of the splendid viaduct could be a bit limited on this short walk...
Talk about rip-off Britain!.
On the subject of leisure costs, I've sometimes thought that there must be people fuming at the thought of us backpackers having a magnificent few days in the hills and paying nothing for it. Who knows, perhaps they are scheming even as we speak...

By the way, the previous post about the tire video is a spam, I had an identical comment on my blog.
Cheers Geoff for the tip-off.

I did wonder but the spam is now deleted
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