Sunday, June 14

New Forest Slow Worm

I've no idea where the name Slow Worm comes from, but this little bootstrap didn't know that as it moved like greased lightening on my approach.

Strangely I spotted it around midday, in strong sunlight. Normally they have taken to shade cover by then.

That is the second "snake" I've spotted already this year; Both within the same couple of square mile area, near one of the New Forest's prime tourist car park/picnic spots.

Over past years I'd total up the number of my clear sightings to around about .... well nil.

Not too sure what that says about the current population of these reptiles.

But I'm just waiting for the annual adder warning in the local press.

And no - I've never seen one of those outside the confines of the local Reptiliary at Lyndhurst.

Keep 'em peeled folks.

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Lucky you! I'd love to see one, but I've been waiting almost 30 years... :)
EEEE.... Kind of looks like those worms that invade your body.
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