Sunday, June 21

Sad Times; Bad Times;

In compete contrast to the NFNPA shenanigans; Words of a truly personal nature.

As a result of events that directly involve a person very close to me, much of my present focus is on providing support, friendship & love to someone who has had their view of life, and in particular their trust in others, shredded into small and rather dirty little pieces.

In this case I really cannot say more for fear of identifying them, or the sordid circumstances they have been dragged into.

Lives and careers are at stake; As well as future well being and personal self-worth.

Suffice to say I have watched a strong, independent, confident, caring and happy individual turn into a virtual recluse. Afraid to leave their home. Continually questioning themself, their interaction with others, and their general view of their life's value.

All on the basis of unsubstantiated, and to date anonymous, activity.

All has happened in less than 48 hours.

So if posts are a little erratic for a while, please bear with me.

On the plus side a gentle & secluded wander in the New Forest seemed to perk up spirits considerably, much as it does for myself, and some of you reading this, at certain times.

Live can really suck sometimes.

But the real things around, that Nature provides, can help redress the balance.


so far

(christ that was a quick response!)
Good luck.
thanks Chris
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