Sunday, June 8

Stat Counter

A note from one of my site's visitor counter software providers- StatCounter

"Due to an explosion in The Planet Datacenter at the weekend, service on this partition was interrupted. Despite our best efforts 24 to 30 hours of stats spread across Sunday GMT and some of Monday morning have been lost. We sincerely apologise for this. More information is available from our blog"

I've read about this sort of thing in SciFi novels. Plainly we are all doomed, as the earth splits in half!

I'm going to write that excuse down for future use. A true classic


gostats is better imho :)
Hi John,

Please accept our apologies!

Our intention was to inform our members about the reason for the interruption in service, not to cause alarm. As dramatic as it may sound, the problems at The Planet did arise as a result of an electrical fault and subsequent explosion. We remain thankful that no human injuries resulted.

Please accept our further apologies for the interruption in service full stop. We are desperately sorry that any of our members were affected by the outage.

I believe the weather in Southampton is beautiful today - I hope that you are enjoying equivalently good weather in Dorset! All the best!
It was tongue in cheek. Honest
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