Sunday, June 1

Nasty: Sneaky Sunday Speed Trap on the A35 (Christchurch)

Travelling home via a round about route I spotted a strangely parked "Hire" van on the A35 Christchurch dual carriageway by-pass. And my attention then turned to something different mounted on the overhead pedestrian footbridge.

Circumstance meant an later opportunity to wander over the bridge myself, and walk past the two cameras set up to cover both North and South roads.

No sign of any human operatives, but I'm pretty sure the van (below) had been moved to a suitable park up spot for the rest of the afternoon. And the van had no distinguishing marks to indicate it was in anyway "official". A typical budget hire van.

So if you were travelling along the A35 Sunday afternoon anytime after 15:30 then you might soon be getting a rather unexpected letter from the funsters who saw fit to set up an unmanned speed trap covering the main route into and out off Christchurch.

Despite the road being dry, the weather clear, and the traffic volume light, all in the inarguable cause of Road Safety.

Yeah. Right.

It's the first "unmanned" trap I've seen to date. And certainly the first I've had a chance to wander up to and observe at close quarters.

The padlocked boxes were marked "3 hours" by the way, so as I sit writing this I expect the operation is still underway. Or possibly the local yoofs will have the padlocks picked already, and the equipment spirited away for scrap metal and the price of a few bottles of vodka.

But a very sneaky venture indeed. And guaranteed to eventually ruin a few people's Sunday jaunt outdoors.

Sneaky indeed!

One could argue that the van's parked illegally. :-O
back again Monday as well - swines
Now now, folks, surely it's possible for more people to chill out and (in the interests of safety - and fuel conservation?!) just obey the rules and leave the cameras empty's not rocket science and it costs very little time.
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