Thursday, May 29

Community is not all smiles, all the time

I've not idea where I found this; But as a parent who once used to read the series to my younger kids, the naughtiness of the approach made me smile.

A necessary relief. For things have not been happy in parts of the bloggosphere this week. Without going into details a couple of examples have come my way of 'fallings out'.

By the very nature of the web its far too easy to misconstrue what you may read on-line; Or worse the intent of those behind them; When all you have to go on is just words.

I vaguely recall some stats explaining the different facets that go into communication between people. A quick ferret with Google indicates body language is up around 55% whilst the actual words used account for 7%. Small wonder then that misunderstanding and disagreements arise so readily.

Spend much time on the net and you will undoubtedly fall into this trap somewhere along the way, hence the widespread use of emoticons to get across some of the real intent behind the words.

(And once again comes that weird situation where I find my last post on the perils of on-line communication was almost one year ago to the day. Oeer!)

In person theses sort of things would be quickly sorted out, and opinions made/changed about the individuals concerned. But on the net they can sometimes create a feeling out of all proportion to the original 'slight'. And be incredibly upsetting despite the logical mind insisting it should be otherwise.

My older article hopefully provides some thoughts on being realistic about protecting your personal identity. But one further observation if I may.

Treat the net like life, and talk to sort out differences. But at the end of it all accept opinions differ. sometimes irrevocably. But if you have already built up a good relationship of trust and friendship, sometimes just letting the thing drop will often be the easiest way forward.

Just like in real life.

But on here, and unlike real-life, on-line communication can be terminated just by switching off the computer, and walking away. With any further contact ignored forever.

A bit like walking together in a large group. Sometimes you may get stuck with Major Bore. Sometimes with Mr Lonely. Possibly Miss Bossy gets involved. But the journey is over all too quickly, and each life goes their seperate way. Next time you might try to ensure those three walk off together; Or perhaps you choose to travel alone in future.

But whatever your own personal approach, try to Go With The Flow. To accept the good things this medium provides; Whilst managing the less good with that level of maturity and control we all have as part of our character.

Unless you're a sociopath. But probably not a good idea to go down that path just now I think.

We don't want Mr. Wicker Man to take over control. Now do we?

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Luckily I've missed all that - but well said John. Life's too short - frustrated? Then go for a walk!
If you want to see how sad humans are, just look at some of the comments left on YouTube videos. Rarely does a vid go by without some git mouthing off and effing-and-blinding.

Despite living in a pseudo-democracy, why do we Brits listen to the 1 negative comment instead of to the 99 positive ones? Why do we allow the mindless fwits to destroy that which we hold dear? Why do ...
me, oh I am just anti social, mad bad and dangerous with a tendency to go walk about and only washing if the weather is good enough??? Dawn
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