Saturday, May 24

Seb Green's Oyssey continues

He's a tricky one is that Seb Green, still on his Round Britain Walk. I've mentioned Seb's progress a couple of times.

Back in April he stopped for a bit of a break. Well, ok, it was Territorial Army training for two weeks. Already well ahead of schedule he picked up the route again in mid May and is now romping up the Scottish east coast.

An interesting touch is the donation of Yellowbrick Tracker, another piece of technology tying in walking, GPS and satellite technologies. As a result you can follow his route in near real-time.

These gadgets are starting to become hard to ignore. Just wait until satellite phones come down to a High Street price, and smaller size. They're will be some fun as the big companies start to fall by the wayside, cutting edge ideas outdated so rapidly.

Meanwhile Seb trots on - updates and donations on Seb's Odyssey

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