Saturday, May 17

New Forest Pony - What I Killed On My Holidays

Looks like my recent appeal to not feed the New Forest wildlife is falling on deaf ears.

A scene earlier this afternoon. The car, packed with family, parked up with open window waiting for this pony and young foal to wander up to cadge proffered tidbits.

What really jibes is this snap was taken barely 200m from Holmsley Campsite. One of the major NF sites, where there are large posters asking holidaymakers NOT TO FEED THE PONIES!
The owner of this four wheel drive pantechnicon probably chose it to blend subtly into the surrounding countryside. Just so they could enjoy the real outdoor life. Just grateful that they didn't have a large aggressive dog running around the car, out of control, to complete the scene.
Some people aspire to things they will never understand it seems, despite their external appearances.

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