Saturday, May 3

Spring has sprung In The Great Outdoors

Scenes from today's short wander. Meandering alongside a small stream nr North Ripley on the Dorset/Hants border, and including part of the Avon Valley Footpath......
An early arrival(?) meets a summer stalwart.....
But the tourists don't seem to be bothered either way..........

The Dorset/Hants border land is not known for its sheep farming, which may explain the frustrated career plans of this pair.
18 deg C mid afternoon, on a Saturday Bank Holiday weekend.
Pre-weekend: A duly pessimistic forecast from TV's risk averse weather people; Armed with their flashy but dumbed down animated cartoons; I predict they'll be out with a new set of crayons to recolour the chart for tonight's forecast.
(Oh whatever happened to a couple of good pressure charts, and some sensible wind/cloud forecast)
I'm off back outdoors now. Which if you're reading this over the holiday period is really where you should be. Isn't it? I'm sure the Internet won't stop working just because we're not all glued to our keyboards.
Have a good one.

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John, I could well be mistaken and hope that I am. Those bluebells, they look like the Spanish variety. The old English version have a droop head and narrow leaves, those look more upright and erect?
Darn, I am anonymous again, can never get the id thingy right. Dawn.
I think Dawn my be right. Looks like a case for the mole treatment, John. :-)
By the by, a lovely pair of dogs. You have an eye for glamour!! Dawn
Didn't even know we had a spanish variety Dawn. Damned tourists get earlier every year
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