Thursday, April 24

Backpacker's Club Weekend Meet & AGM

Tomorrow, shortly after sparrow's cough, I'll hit the road to travel the 300 miles or so north to the Peak District and the BPC weekend/AGM/Lightweight equipment and tent show.

Its at least 10 years since last I wandered the Peaks, once so readily available on my back doorstep many years ago. And with it a number of firsts, well sort of:
  • First BPC meet/AGM
  • First time I've solo camped on a proper camp site (how to explain that to my confused Akto - "look Greenie - flat ground!")
  • First time I've been offered an electric hook-up for a tent. But what to take to use with it I wonder? (Belay that mischievous thought you at the back of the room)

Its also been some considerable time, 15+ years perhaps, since I last used a 'proper' campsite. So I'm intrigued whether the experience has changed much from past sojourns. Late night noise; Clumsy feet meeting taunt guy ropes; The screams and motions from passionate embraces inside a strongly back lit tent; The vomiting splash from the guy on the next pitch in celebration of A Good Booze-Up. Ah, the joys of communal living.

Naw - can't imagine that at the BPC from what I've heard of the august company. Perhaps I'm better off preparing for the novelty of running HOT water, and a toilet that flushes.

Or will I prove to be a catalyst to the weekend's events (or should that be an Enema I wonder?)

Indeed. Well you never know what the JH Investigation Team may unearth on the day. Actually, probably best not to hold your breath too long.

A report on the gossip and shenanigans to follow on my return, or parole,whichever arrives first.


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