Sunday, April 13

Wildcamping E-Petition - Scoop

A little birdie tells me that the next Outdoor Channel Podzine may well include the dulcet tones of this particular scribe chatting about the Wildcamping E-Petition campaign. (1,243 votes; 105th largest petition on the list - thanks for asking)

So that means rofound apologies in advance for the the 'Eeerrs' and 'Uhms'.

And as for the accent - it always comes back out when I spend any time in my homeland.


Looks like you have the scoop to update the petition website then as well ^___^
How quickly the numbers have changed - 800 signatures when The Outdoors Show was on, and now over 1200.

Maybe it is broken, and does need fixing after all?
Darren - done
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