Sunday, April 6

Sun snow salinity....and a donkey

Yesterday's New Forest wander was in brilliant sunshine; My windproof wrapped around my waist; Merino base layer sleeves pulled up to feel the sun on my arms.

So no surprise then to wake up this morning to snow on the ground. The first, and likely the last, of the winter.

All melted away now, one of the gains (losses?) of living so near to the coast . The salinity of the sea air tends to create a local micro climate dissuading any real winter conditions. Although perversely it can lead to pea-souper fog in the middle of the summer if the sea heats up too quickly. A very strange feeling to stand on the edge of a thick fog bank, dressed in lightweight summer garb only to be shivering in the dank gloom only ten paces later.

Poking my head into the weak sunshine, I can feel the wind cut through me. Sunny it may be but that's an Arctic chill so this afternoon's walk should be just the way I like it - quiet with few people about.

For some reason my recent outings have started to reverse my usual route directions. No idea why that should be but the different detours keep the interest level up for the dogs as well as myself. After all - I'm supposed to be taking them for a walk ; Not the other way around. So it pays to vary the walkabouts to keep them guessing and listening to me rather than their own whims.

A quick clean-up to the site links before I get all togged up. Some previously overlooked. Others that have gone quiet. And a few new ones including tommy kelly ” The human donkey in wild places”
Early days, and a bit brief on the posts but worth watching.

Right that's me off for a little heat generation of my own. Catch you later with a couple of tips that might help when trying to work out which rucksack model to go for.

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