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It feels like there has been a deluge of words spilling onto this site over the last few weeks. Mostly serious but some a little more whimsical. Maybe. So time to catch up on those bits and bobs put to one side over the last few weeks.

The Dude over at A little bit about not a lot offers some sensible and thoughtful insight into picking up the wildcamping bug. If you're not too sure how to go about getting started, here's someone to offers a positive example and may just provide that encouragement.
"My latest fads then are wild-camping (of which I will be starting over the next few weeks), my first (more serious) radio controlled helicopter, photography and my very latest obsession - beer making! I might stretch to some more intelligent topics but don't expect it!"

Don't believe of word of it. I recognise a kindred spirit. Despite that mission statement this is a wildcamper's blog. He's hooked - first wildcamp. Despite snow on the ground!

Meanwhile PTC has just started his light weight walk along the West Highland Way. The difference is that PTC is also testing one of the latest technical gizmos getting a lot of interest in the UK - SPOT Tracker. And you can watch his progress in real time as the trip develops All from the comfort of your armchair. Pete's also running a competition to win some gear if you can guess what time he finally completes the trip

At the other extreme Rambling Man is scratching his head as he looks at a pile of 54 OS Maps and tries to work out just what gear he'll need for his LeJog. Not so much a challenge, more a change of life "Could I, a relatively inexperienced hiker walk from one end of the country to the other?"

The word from the Wildcamping E-Petition base camp remains positive with votes continuing to climb (currently 1,148) On a similar theme the ever excellent Grough site led with a piece this week about the Government's coastal access bill due to be announced. Both issues are of necessity intertwined with calls for legislative change for outdoor access. This one is much further along the consultative process involving as it does the main outdoor bodies as supporters. It will be interesting to monitor the progress for insights into the latter part of a successful (hopefully) endeavour

And finally …………
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I never realised it was all so easy! Have a good one.

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