Sunday, March 30

New Outdoor gear - What the.......

Well that was unexpected!

I've just wandered back in doors after a strenuous meander around a quieter part of the New Forest (sunny but boggy underfoot - thanks for asking) The nice thing about the NF is the way its so problematic to get a regular mobile tel signal, so that gives me a tasty sense of insulation away from that awareness of constant availability we seem to 'enjoy' these days.

And on my return I see my e-mail and mobile messages have burst into frantic life. It seems my gear post earlier has already raised some interest both within the UK and even parts of the US and mainland Europe.

Well what more can I say at present, at least until I see the technical specs for myself and without giving the game away (I've a non-disclosure duty to be wary of here)

For the moment, lets just say that this kit, used in its static form, will completely remove the use for tent/tarp and taken to its extreme possibly even sleeping kit for some purists.

The mobile form is likely to remove the necessity for waterproof garments. Totally. And again, for the purists, walking gear in general. Except boots and hat naturally.

And the prototype comes in at under 255g, without power source - likely to be AA/AAA batteries, I'm told.

Sounds too good to be true? I thought the same until the principle behind the 'All Proof I' was explained to me. And I wouldn't bother Googling for this just yet - it's only a product working title at present. Although there are some oblique hints around concerning part of the underlying theory behind it.


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