Thursday, March 27

Wild Camping E-Petition - 1,000 and counting

After a tantalising wait the number of petition votes shot through the 1,000 mark earlier today.

I believe I know the individual concerned that registered in at the magic 1,000.

Not a walkers, but a keen cyclist, and a friend of a (cyclist) friend.

So if you do get the chance to tell those around you about the voting, do it please. Even if they're may not appear to be deeply involved in walking/camping.

Let them know what its all about? And remember to ask them to tell their friends and family as well.

Before the days of Newspapers, TV, Radio and Viral Messaging this apparently was how human kind shared information.

Nice to see some of the old traditional methods still work as well as ever.


Number 1005... Lord Smith of Finsbury, perhaps?
Can I vote even though I live Far and Wee?
give it a go, they can only say No at worst?
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