Friday, March 21

Outdoor Personality Interview

I'm busily refining down a lengthy interview from earlier today into a more manageable article.

No more clues at present, but watch this space - I hope to have it ready within a few days.

What - you still want a clue?

Well ........... its someone who has been in the news recently and is known to many across the global outdoor communities.


Thanks for coming down to Clerkenwell to interview me, John. (I did get an approach from someone called Andy Howell but he was a little too eager). I gave myself to you because of your agreeably laid-back style (tho' you really shouldn't have fallen asleep half-way through!) - and, of course, your hat had the kind of rufty-tufty appeal I can rarely resist. I just hope I come out of the interview well, John. I'm sure your jouralistic prowess will ensure that stereotypes are not enforced. I have a quite, retiring and gentle side - as you now know.

Till the next time

Yours etc

J S Porter
.....and you said that was our little secret.....
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