Monday, March 17

Outdoor Show - Feedback

I've commented before on how naturally blogging lends itself to rapidly reporting on events. Often from a number of angles, and via various different media formats.
Reports during the show did quickly make their way on-line but for many of us it was a choice between digging into the show content or writing it up during some very long "workdays".
As I find reflection tends to hone my commentary I eventually opted for a delayed posting, and was grateful I did as it provided more time to listen to the views of exhibitors & you, Joe Public.
Other reports are now appearing online - so for some comparative reports there's an opportunity to check out London Backpacker, M&G, Weird Darren, Aktoman, Gyrovagus, BG!, Phreerunner and of course here's the first of Bob's podcast reports.
The Podzine 17/3/08

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More reports to come over the next couple of days I'm sure.

Oh and of course you can always read more in the magazines. Sometime next month probably.


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