Sunday, March 16

NEC Outdoor Show Report - Sat 15 March: E-Petition Meet

Some spirited discussion amongst the dozen or so activists who met at the back of NEC Hall 3 to discuss the impact of the current wild camping campaign.

And some very positive ideas to keep it moving in the right direction over the coming months before the closure date in late May.

Following the meeting Andy Howell and myself found a quieter spot for refreshment and a lengthy chat on the campaign's aims and activity - hopefully for inclusion in one of the forthcoming podcasts post show from the Outdoor Station.

A big thanks for the various trade stands that were willing to display the leaflets often amongst limited stand space:
And thanks to those individuals who took it on themselves to hand out the leaflets directly and answer any questions that arose. Not an easy job to take on, but an excellent way to get the message across.

And it looks like positive feedback so far, with the E-Petition votes currently at 812 signatures.

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