Wednesday, March 12

NEC Outdoor Show 2008 Essential Garb

Spot the difference?

John Hee: UK Outdoors Blogger Convention 2007 ®

John Hee: UK Outdoors Blogger Convention 2008 ®

Press Pass, what Press Pass? Oh that old thing (lol)

Good to see the Outdoor Blogging fraternity being recognised and welcomed by the NEC Outdoor Show organisers for this event starting on Friday. And more than happy to attend and report back on what I spot.

Ideally I'll post each day, WiFi connection permitting. So if you're do happen to be off there this weekend try to check in here before you go and hopefully I'll have some hot tips/pictures to share along with fellow Blogger Weird Darren (assuming he can stop tinkering with his new gear toys for a few minutes)

Now where did I put that old mackintosh for the full laid-back-journo effect?


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