Sunday, March 9

TGO & Trail Magazine; And what's a 'Heat Exchange Mask' then?

Pre the Outdoor Show I decided to take a look at the latest outdoor magazines. Well, when I say take a look what I really mean is buy rather than spend 5 minutes in the local W.H. Smith's library, flicking through the increasingly expensive offerings (well compared to the time it takes me to read them at least!)

I've rather given up on these mags over the winter months as the content had become a little staid.

Trail was easy to locate (WHS naturally) but TGO was a b*gger to chase down. No thanks to the newsagent in the centre of Christchurch who kindly informed me here was "No demand for walking magazines around this area" Well why was I asking for one then? But a similar request at a small shop in Bransgore, after one of my New Forest wanders earlier today turned up both a knowledgeable newsagent, and nice shiny copy.

And happily well worth the search.

I don't know what the team at TGO may have been imbibing recently but the magazine is back on form with a Bang. Entertaining, informative and challenging. And as editor Cameron McNeish intimated in the prerelease vidcast trailer, if Eddy Meechan carries on like he's started off already there's plenty of sparks ready to fly. I had to admit the heat exchange mask made me laugh at first. But then I read the article and thought - well why not? (and AS has his own view here)

And that is what we buy a magazine for surely? To learn and to challenge accepted opinion; And then to make up our own minds.

TGO 1; Trail 0;

No contest.

And that's despite the NEC Blogger Meet-up being publicised as one of the attractions of the Outdoors Show though. Would have been nice to have been asked beforehand? And I guess the Jennings stand may have some thoughts on that one as well. Which we may find out on the day I guess ( Naughty naughty)

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