Saturday, February 23

Memories are made of this - Bad Times

During a brief outing with the dogs earlier today I wandered off the beaten track and and came across this fresh reminder of Spring on its way. And that triggered a memory from past years. An extremely low time in my life.

The winter months - a time at which I still seem to find somewhat difficult each year.

For a few months I had far too much time to myself. Faced with the choices of a gradual decline into persistent inactivity or an all essential internal shake-up I fell back to trying to achieve small successes. Day by day living as it were.

Old ways which had served me well in the past were the starting point. A daily walk. Nowhere in particular as long as it was rural and mostly away from others.

An opportunity then to watch the land slowly come to life around me as the days lengthened. This particular tree, established on some patchy scrub land adjoining farm and common land was part of a regular route I used two or three times each week. With each visit I watched the changes of nature. Buds tipping the trees and bushes. Sprouts of vibrantly green grass poking through the leaf mould underfoot.

And then one day I suddenly was struck by the apparent outburst of dangling catkins, gently jiggling in the breeze. A reminder that life changes and to move along with it is the way of the world. But to remain positive in outlook whatever the circumstances. All is transitory, but good times will follow bad eventually; Given the inner resources to live through them.

So today on seeing the scene pictured above I took a deep breath. The bad times during those forlorn days mostly forgotten now. But the lessons remembered as an integral part of my own personal approach to living nowadays.

The tree breathing hope to all who may pass this spot. And have eyes to see.

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nice sentiments John - I often think of the move from winter to Spring in the same terms even though I may not have experienced it in quite the se way.
it was a passing phase Andy, and one I never intend to repeat
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