Monday, March 10

Just Shooting the Breeze

The limited time I've spent outdoors today has seen me walking around with a broad smile on my face. For after all there's no better reminder of Nature than a slice of Real Weather.

As I both live and work within a few miles of the coast the southerly gales have been a nice reminder of what the outdoors is all about (I can see the sea from my office if I crane my neck a little) And with it a demonstration of how pathetically puny is humanity's 'control' over the 'safe' environment it likes to pretend it has. Ah - times like these are hard to ignore.

The same seems to have occurred to these Swanage sea watchers I've just snapped from one of the excellent webcams that allow me to admire the view, whilst sat in the warm and dry (Live and rather clever webcams can be found here for Swanage and Exmouth)

Frankly I think I'd rather be out there with them too when all is said and done. Whatever the official advice may be.

For sometimes we all need to live a little. To feel that tingle of primal recognition run through our body as it stands in the teeth of a true storm.

But not on the cliff edge! Please.


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