Thursday, March 13

Lightweight Backpacking? Er perhaps not

Gear all packed ready for for this weekend's outing to the NEC. Looking at it from this side of the show it's likely to be a mixture of pleasure and hard work. But it will be nice to see some old faces, and some new I've been chatting with for some time.

So as is traditional as part of the trip report, the resume of gear & contents:

Pack - 2kg
Extra clothes, waterproofs, 1st aid kit etc etc
(Read that and weep ultralight purists!)

Food - approx 80g
Well Weird Darren is reknown for never travelling without a varied selection of fine confectionary, and at least two contrary methods of brewing up.

Auxillary gear
And here the magnificent effort falls oh so gently apart.

1 x camera/voice recorder/MP3 etc etc - 0.5 kg
1 x laptop - 4kg
Literally thousands of E-Petition leaflets - 17 kg

Pack weight. Well the scales I stepped on advised me to seek immediate medical help.
Reckon I need to tear the pages out of my paperback as the weekend unfolds?


What I like to eat well?

Plus only taking Peak Ignition and ti-lite mug, oh and noodles for tea tomorrow, along with instant oats for breakfast.
I hate paying hotel rates for food.
All well wrapped in those nice plastic bags of course :-)
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