Saturday, March 15

NEC Outdoor Show Report - Sat 15 March: UK Outdoors Blogger Convention 2008 ®

The Cumberland Arms, pleasantly much larger this year, was the venue for the UK Outdoors Blogger Convention 2008 ®

Attendees this year were well up on last. With all of us glad to finally put a face and voice to those we have been in regular contact with over the past year. Old friendships renewed, and new ones formed. Just as it should be.

Us old hands knew what to expect. And the first timers happily got into the swing of things once the initial trepidation of walking up to a group of strange looking people with the classic "Have we met on the Internet?" was surmounted. Tips traded. Backgrounds swapped. And plans for the future compared.

So Hi to (in no particular order)
Podcast Bob, Andy Howell, Duncan, George, Stef & family, Sally & Geoff, Mick & Gayle, Alan Sloman, Charles, Phil, Darren, Martin ( I make that 14 counting me?)

Apologies in advance to whoever I missed - there's sure to be at least one if not more as I gadded in and out of the meet. Once the 'official' photo is available (come on Stef) I hope to post it here. For once we should all be in it.

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Just editing the audio pieces recorded at the meet. Should make for good listening!
Well you & bob certainly worked hard enough.
Could you tip me off before any E-P piece escapes into public view if possible?
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