Wednesday, March 19

M&G LeJog Walk for Charity

Gayle & Mick (or is it Mick & Gayle) of M&G Go For A Walk fame plan a little walk in Mid April - LeJog (never a very apt acronym for what is still a daunting undertaking, whatever the increasing numbers who have taken on the challenge over the years)

G&M at last weekend's Outdoors Show

In the best tradition of such ventures they intend to raise money and awareness for charity - MacMillan Cancer Support.

"Although there may appear to be a particular personal link here, with both of my parents having died of cancer in the last four years (aged 59 and 61) and two other members of my close family having been diagnosed with cancer in the last year (my sister aged just 36), the reality is that none of them has directly used the services of a cancer charity, although undoubtedly they have all benefited indirectly from their work"

Their target is £2,000. But I'm sure that we can help them do better than that folks, now can't we?

On-line donations can be made here

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