Monday, March 17

Meet the (Outdoor) Bloggers

Picture courtesy of BG!

In hindsight Stef's idea to give the camera operation to "some bloke in a pub" already part way through his (liquid lunch) day was possibly not the best idea ever hatched!

And no amount of graphics retouching is ever going to rescue this one.


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In hindsight, I vaguely remember giving you the opportunity to take the pic, John.
Like the hat, JH. But the term 'fuzzy logic' now has a whole new meaning!
Nice to meet, if only in passing. Looks like headgear may be the way forward as the means of blogger identification...
If you want to get ahead- get a (shaky) hat

And Stef I'm sure you said something about All In the Pic This Year
My beer-gut's not stopped wobbling yet.
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