Thursday, March 20

Seb Green - Round Britain

I originally mentioned Seb Green back in February shortly after he set out on his round mainland Britain walk of 5000+ miles accompanied by Flash, his dog.

By some strange quirk of fate I found out shortly after Seb had passed through my area. It would have been nice to have given him some moral support. So this name check is by way of some small recompense I hope.

Checking progress I see Seb reached Whitby earlier this week. Already over 600 miles into the journey and even more impressively 4 weeks ahead of his schedule. Ah the prowess of youth - the swine lol.

And that is despite the usual trials and tribulations that such a venture will always throw up. Especially considering his companion, whilst not one for vocal complaints, or the usual irritating habits ..... is the ability to lick your own genitals a habit, or a boast, hmm.... but whatever - its a responsibility that requires completely different considerations as to food, distance, outdoor wear and health.

Seb appears to be resting up for a few days following a minor injury to Flash. A bit of R&R for both won't go too amiss I would think.

So if you happen to be on Seb's route why not pop out and walk with him for a few miles? If you can't manage that, there's always a financial donation to help him keep Flash in doggie biscuits.

And one especial appeal to any experienced backpackers likely to see him. Will someone please check what the poor guy is now carrying in his backpack. And maybe help out with lighter gear, or at least some helpful tips 'n tricks. (Will M&G's LEJoG trip cross his path along the way perhaps?)

"It turns out his 23kg rucksack in fact weighed 28kg! A wet tent didn't help, of course. Some of the contents have been sent home, so it's now weighing in at 24-25kg including 3 litres of water"

Is Seb's trail to be measured by a small groove left in the earth behind him? Hope not.

Seb is camping using official sites, and from the sound of it, some wildcamps along the way. If anyone from his support team has concerns about this, in light of current concerns over wildcamping legality, please feel free to get in touch via this blog for any advice I can provide.


28kg? 28kg?! That's over half of me! The mind boggles as to what he could have in there. And what size pack it could be. I think I need a lie down now just thinking about it.
That was my reaction - but it seems theres no kg/lb confusuion. Hence my suggestion of some advice.

I guess he does have his whole house on his back, but the SW Coastal Path should be interesting
congratulations Seb *__* welcome back home
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