Sunday, March 30

Scoop: Stupendous new Outdoor gear

Stupendous? Well not a word I regularly throw out into the cosmos. Then again nor are gear reviews something I tend to cover. But at present it seems to be the only word that fits. And this chance can't be passed up.

I've just come off the phone after speaking with the driving force behind what will undoubtedly be one of the most radical technological incursions onto the Outdoor equipment market that I can think of.

Think the impact of the Gore-Tex membrane approach was important? Or GPS a bit useful?

Well by comparison they may well look like niche products when this one gets onto the global market in a couple of years time after field tests are over. Its completely innovative, using spin-off ideas from several well established technologies. And price competitive to boot based on estimated manufacturing costs.

More to come, assuming I get the tech blurb I've been promised. And who knows maybe a picture of one of the prototypes in action if I'm lucky?

This will make most ultralite gear look like a burden, and effectively do away with a large percentage of that unavoidable base weight in each pack.

More to come when I have it ................


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