Sunday, April 6

New Forest Walk: Burbush -Castle Hill circular

(Route marked in red)
Oh well, the best laid plans ...... or so it seemed as I arrived at a very busy car park at Burbush. For despite the bitingly cold wind the crowds were out for the sunshine.

So today a walk in the opposite direction moving easily over muddy ground, still feeling hard underneath with the low overnight temperature.

Passing occasional outcrops of snow still lying in the shadier spots beneath the flowering gorse. An occasional walker encountered along the way, but outnumbered by the many wild ponies seeking the shelter of the woodland to ease the wind's bite.

Up onto Castle Hill Lane to follow the path along the ridge, taking advantage of the wind shelter offered by the trees bordering the unmade track.

The view from Castle Hill as enchanting as ever. But the cutting wind today made any hanging around uncomfortable.

A quick descent down to the foot of the hill to follow the track back to the car park, over very familiar ground. Casually taking note of a few more wildcamp spots for the 2008 Hip-Pack Competition. A reminder that I really should start getting this year's fun challenge off the ground during April.

The sun and yellow flowering gorse a reminder that despite the snow, the warmer days are imminent, and the daylight hours longer.

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Aha - I see you've got this mapping lark worked out a lot better than I have.
crude but effective. I did look at the OS and Google API but really didn't want to get bogged down with the technicalities as yet
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